Apache Spark Tutorial for Windows


In this tutorial you will learn how to setup and use an Apache Spark cluster on a Windows computer.


Step 1: Download Apache Spark

Visit the official Apache Spark download page and download the latest version of Apache Spark for Windows.

Step 2: Extract Apache Spark

Once the download is complete, extract the contents of the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice
(e.g., C:\spark).

Step 3: Set Environment Variables

Add the following environment variables:

      setx SPARK_HOME C:\spark
      setx HADOOP_HOME C:\spark
      setx PATH "%PATH%;%SPARK_HOME%\bin"

Step 4: Verify Installation

Open a new command prompt and run the following command to verify the installation:



Congratulations! You have successfully set up Apache Spark on your Windows computer. You can now start exploring and running Spark applications.

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