How much do you pay for a line of code

Isn't it odd that we spend so much time, effort, and money designing, architecting, and building applications yet cannot answer basic questions about our operations? Here are a few more questions that your IT organization should be able to answer:


I have worked as an IT Professional for 20+ years as a consultant, contractor, and employee at Fortune 500 companies, yet I have not encountered an organization that could answer the question.  
The key to answering the questions above, learning from the past, and improving as a team is to collect operational data and use it to understand what we do and how we do it.
Here is an actual application and process I architected and built for a customer investment firm.
Application development teams seek to deliver quality software on time and within budget.

Project Overview

The customer was an investment firm that built in-house data products. Their portfolio is around 50 applications. The firm employed approximately 100 software engineers. Each application development team had a project manager, 5-10 software engineers, and a product owner as the core team.  
They used Jira as their issue-tracking system and GitHub as their source control system. They wanted to limit the scope to issues and source code and possibly add more systems later.  

Architecture Requirements

Application Design

The Jira and Git ingestion pipelines have the same architecture, which uses webhooks to post the data to an API.
Counters are the cornerstone of the process, so let's talk about them. Each event will increment many counters. The number and type of counters needed are driven by the questions to answer. Here are a few:
So, store data for each level of the organization and element for each Jira ticket and git commit. This might seem excessive, but you can build a highly performant real-time dashboard with this data and use it in reports.


Dashboards show real-time information about the state of projects. Projects are displayed on the dashboard with basic stats: Managers can click on any stat and drill down into details of that product, stat, etc.



So, how much do you pay for a line of code?

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